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Christine Hodsdon, Exeter, NH

making a gingerbread house

 Programs on vacations and holidays occur throughout the year. Below are the upcoming programs that your child is sure to love!


Raining Cats and Dogs

Ages 5–11. Kids will look forward to joining the studio over vacation when they come have an artsy day here, followed by a pizza party. Pom pom pooches and crazy designed cats are sure to spark their interest and creativity. $75 (includes pizza dinner)

TUESDAY, April 26 · 2:30–6:30 pm

Sticks and Stones

Ages 5–11. Using nature as our focus, we'll create mini woven teepees from twigs and decorate a scene with tiny pebbles and sticks. Artists will be amazed at how trees can draw too! $70

WEDNESDAY, June 29 · 9 am–1 pm

past programs (2015)

Print Your Own Valentines

Ages 6–11. Sketch out a scene and transfer to a printable format. Each student will have an opportunity to make a valentine for each member of his/her class. $40

SUNDAY, February 8 · 1–4 pm

Parent Nights Out

Ages 4–11. Enjoy an early Valentine's Day dinner out and bring your children over to explore the world of fairy tales with art. We'll feast on a pizza dinner and some red snacks in honor of Valentine's Day. Bring PJs to change into. $35

FRIDAY, February 13 · 5–8 pm

Ages 4–11. Escape for the night and leave your children to create a Mother's Day gift for their someone special. Pizza dinner will be provided. Bring PJs to change into. $35

SATURDAY, May 9 · 5–8 pm

Holiday Gift Making

Ages 5–11. A yearly tradition, this class fills up quickly, as children craft gifts for their families and even wrap their presents in hand-made bags. $40

SATURDAY, December 5 · 9 am–12 pm or 1–4 pm

Parent Nights Out

Ages 4–11. Drop your children off for a night of shopping or dinner out. We’ll enjoy a pizza dinner while watching a short Christmas movie and then create a holiday project. $38

SATURDAY, December 12 · 5–8 pm

More programs will be added throughout the year, so check back for future updates.